What I do

I write code with the aim of creating healthy software for a sustainable web. For me that means creating web applications that can last over time, favoring their maintenance

Underlying this it is the art of writing safe, efficient but above all readable code, because

"Programs are intended to be read by human beings and only incidentally by computers to be executed."

-- Harold Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman

Going to the concrete here is the list of the main activities I carry out during my working day:

  • I design and development of customized modules for Drupal
  • I design content architecture in Drupal projects
  • I keep Drupal websites, eCommerce and web applications in good health
  • code refactoring, I rewrite parts of the web projects to make them more efficient
  • I use advanced hosting (Platform.sh) and infrastructures (Wodby) which help continuous software monitoring and updating (Codario.io)
  • I write a short documentation of the functionalities that I develop or where it is missing
  • software architectures design
  • I convert wireframes and graphic layouts into responsive Drupal themes
  • I create personal projects with different technologies and languages to always keep me in training


Do we work together?

If you care about your project and want your investment to last over time.