What I don't know how to do

Different professional for different tasks

Even today when I say "my job is a web programmer or web developer", in people's minds the (incorrect) idea comes up, working in front of a computer, I am able to solve any problem related to technology.

But it is not true! There is no jack of all trades when it comes to technology. Now a days, web development is made up of a bunch of stuff: graphic and software design, software development, DevOps, hosting, search engine optimisation, and so on... Today there are different professional figures for all of these tasks.

What I'm passionate about is creating web-based software and to be good at what I do I can't be a specialist in everything.

This is why there are many things I can't do:

  • I'm not a graphic designer and therefore I don't know how to design graphic layouts for the web
  • I don't know how to develop web marketing strategies
  • I am not an SEO specialist, although I know its dynamics
  • I don't know how to write the texts to insert on your website
  • I am not a photographer or a videomaker
  • if your computer has a problem or a virus, I don't know how to fix it

For everything that I don't know how to do, luckily I can count on the network of professionals that I find at Studio Aqua.

I forgot ... another thing I can't do is work with unmotivated people who don't care about their project.

Do you need a skill that I don't have?

At Studio Aqua you can find what you are looking for.