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Da roberto, Mar, 10/30/2018 - 06:50

L'evento è stato posticipato per problemi organizzativi. Ecco di seguito il messaggio ufficiale inviatomi da

Due to logistic reasons we decided to postpone our Milan Roadshow event to 31 January 2019. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this decision, and hope to welcome everyone in January 2019.

Per chi non avesse idea di cos'è, ecco l'occasione perfetta per conoscere un hosting fuori dai soliti schemi: Martedì 6 Novembre al Armani Hotel di Milano avrà luogo la tappa Italiano del European Agency Roadshow. Si tratta di un evento gratuito indirizzato a business manager, tecnici del settore ITsviluppatori software in cui l'azienda franco-americana presenterà i vantaggi della loro piattaforma in un caso reale di business.

Have a look at the agenda,
you can register here as well

Attualmente sto utilizzando la loro piattaforma per due web application realizzate in Drupal 7. Dal mio punto di vista di sviluppatore i vantaggi che ho riscontrato sono principalmente legati 

  • alla solidità con cui si può gestire il processo di sviluppo/deployment delle applicazioni
  • alla pulizia del code base del progetto che riduce il rischio di lasciare falle di sicurezza
  • alla velocità e semplicità con cui si possono rilasciare modifiche in produzione.

In questo video alcuni risultati ottenuti utilizzando

Tornando all'evento di martedì prossimo, concludo lasciandovi il programma ed il link per iscrivervi (l'evento è a numero chiuso). Io sarà presente, vi aspetto anche per un semplice saluto.


  • A short introduction of and why it is better than conventional managed hosting, or using directly public clouds like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.
  • Winning bigger projects with
  • Productivity metrics, process gains and project savings - what 40 customers are saying.
  • A roadmap your dev team would die for! (Gartner are calling us a Hi Control APaaS).
  • Launch your software as a SaaS business in days, not years.
  • GDPR: We are compliant, and we’ll explain why. We’re a European company with European hosting, so some of the issues you still need to cover yourselves for when working with non-EU vendors go away.

If you know any of our 4,000 customers, they may already have told you how much better things are for them now:

“Thanks to, we get through Black Friday with more than 4,000 concurrent users buying articles at the same time on a Drupal+ReactJS website”, David Olsen, Sportmaster (Denmark’s largest sports fashion store).

“Choosing was the best decision I ever made”, Peter Ward, Head of Engineering, Inviqa (a large UK digital agency)

“Moving to has been great for our clients, and given us a huge productivity boost”, Alex Burrows, MD, Digidrop (a Swiss digital agency)

“With, Arsenal football club doesn’t worry about innovating for their fans – even on game day.”

“With, Johnson & Johnson launches its brands into new markets worldwide with confidence and consistency.”

Several hundred project delivery teams are using in the cloud to run their development, deployment and live services on AWS, Azure or Orange/Huawei (and soon Google Cloud) somewhere around the world, and not a single one of them needs to know anything about cloud hosting! Everything is automated, allowing them to concentrate on being creative, coding and deploying brilliant live sites to your clients, be they PHP, Ruby, Python, Magento, Drupal, Symfony, Wordpress, Node.js, React or a combination of 30 other technologies.

Have a look at the agenda,
you can register here as well

Feel free to invite some of your customers/prospects, but register yourself/your colleagues first, and register your clients to later (or send them the link so they can do it themselves).​​

The presentation will be in English, but additional information (including a possible technical demonstration) can be done in Italian.